Nikita Naz Siddique had a lot to contend with to make her dream of studying in Ireland a reality.

Nikita Naz Siddique fell in love with Dublin City University and realised it was where she wanted to continue her education. Yet the obstacles she faced were likely not ones shared by a lot of her peers.

Siddique is originally from Bangladesh where, she explained, it is culturally expected that parents will chose the career paths of their children. Marital and employment opportunities for women in Siddique’s home nation are, as she put it, “restricted” due to “gender discrimination”.

So, flying halfway across the world to pursue a BA in accounting and finance was not a decision that could be taken lightly, nor was it easy to make. Yet Siddique knows that it was a great decision for her and it only highlighted the importance of chasing your dreams.


Words by Eva Short