Citrix revenues up 18pc

26 Apr 2007

Application delivery firm Citrix, which employs 80 people in Dublin, today reported first-quarter revenues of US$308m, up 18pc on last year.

The company said that product licence revenue increased 7pc and revenue from licence updates grew 20pc. Online services contributed US$47m of revenue, up 49pc on last year.

The company said it is looking forward to year-end revenues of US$1.31bn to US$1.33bn, up on US$1.13bn last year

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton said the company generated significant momentum in its product lines and is off to a good start for 2007.

“We saw good pipeline growth for Presentation Server Platinum Edition due to the positioning, pricing and packaging moves we made, as well as the positive influence EdgeSight has on upgrades, said Templeton. “I am also pleased with the growth in our application networking product line.”

By John Kennedy