Clarion cashes in on Gulf ERP opportunities

24 Jan 2006

Irish IT consulting firm Clarion Consulting has secured contracts worth €500k to provide enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based project management services to a number of organisations in Dubai.

The deals follow on significant growth in the Middle East’s ERP market, which is fuelling demand for ERP project management and implementation skills in vertical markets such as telecoms, petrochemicals and utilities, driven by improved telecoms infrastructure and the opening up of previously inaccessible markets.

Madar Research estimates that the ERP market for Gulf co-operation council countries alone is forecast to grow to almost US$270m by the end of 2008.

“Unlike Europe, where the market for ERP has reached maturity, many companies in the Middle East are now embracing the benefits of automating and integrating business processes to drive operational efficiencies,” explained Pat Millar, managing director of Clarion Consulting.

“ERP adoption levels are still well below those in the industrialised world but increasing growth is driving strong demand for project managers and ERP specialists, who can assist with smooth ERP implementation,” Millar said.

By John Kennedy