Complete Telecom wins broadband deal

23 Apr 2010

Complete Telecom has secured a deal over three years to provide the Irish Taxation Institute (ITI) with an internet connectivity and managed services solution.

The ITI, after launching TaxFind, its redesigned online information resource, identified the need for better bandwidth speeds and capacity for the website’s users. The ITI also needed to be able to introduce bandwidth-intensive digital media applications.

Complete Telecom, which first implemented its solution to the ITI in December 2009, is providing the organisation with a host of telecommunication and managed services that includes uncontended 10Mbps upload and download broadband speeds which enables users to quickly navigate the site, download documents and participate in online forums without timeouts.

The initial 10Mbps connectivity can quickly scale to 1Gbps through Complete Telecom’s fibre connected service to meet increases in traffic during certain times of the year, such as Budget day, the approach of tax deadlines, and students seeking exam results.

Website access round-the-clock

The Complete Telecom solution also includes an enterprise level SLA and service availability, and proactive monitoring and network support that aims to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and access to the website at any time.     

Heather Madden, manager IT systems, Irish Taxation Institute, said that the way the organisation plans to deliver courses and service to its members will increasingly place their website at the fore.

“We were restricted by our previous telecommunications infrastructure which limited the range of applications and the robustness of the site,” Madden said.

“Complete Telecom has dramatically improved our bandwidth capacity allowing us to fully utilise the growing number of interactive web applications and self-service functionality, and at a very competitive price.”

Neil Wisdom, sales and marketing director, Complete Telecom cited is a great example of a website that was unable to reach its full potential because of restrictive bandwidth. 

“Traditionally, the cost of high quality bandwidth in Ireland has been exorbitant and a pipe dream for many organisations with limited budgets,” said Wisdom. 

“The Irish Taxation Institute took charge of its situation and went to market looking for alternatives, and is delighted with Complete Telecom’s high bandwidth, low-cost solution.”

Students use the website to access lecture notes and exam results.  Members pay subscriptions, register for seminars and update account information online, and the general public access information on personal tax procedures and rebates. 

Photo: Neil Wisdom, sales and marketing director, Complete Telecom; and Heather Madden, manager IT systems, Irish Taxation Institute