Digicel in bid success for Honduras mobile licence

20 Dec 2007

Digicel has won an auction for a licence to operate a GSM mobile network in Honduras.

It’s been a busy week for Denis O’Brien’s company. On Tuesday it announced it was granted a licence to operate a GSM network in the British Virgin Islands. It is the largest mobile operator in the Caribbean and is expanding its foothold in the central American market. It already has operations in El Salvador.

Digicel Central American Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary Digicel Honduras SA de CV, bid US$80.1m for the mobile licence, paving the way for it to become the fourth mobile operator in Honduras.

Significant investment in the Honduras network is expected to increase mobile penetration within the next five years from approximately 38pc to 75pc. Honduras has a population of close to 7.5 million.

Digicel expects to employ 300 people directly in its Honduras company and create 7,000 jobs indirectly.

“Honduras is a very exciting win for us. There is huge potential for growth in this mobile market, and Digicel looks forward to becoming a strong competitor by delivering superior technology and being passionate about providing the best mobile phone service to customers,” said Donal O’Shaughnessy, CEO, Digicel Central America.

“Our entry into the market will result in significant job creation and Digicel fully intends to become involved in a range of sponsorships and social and community initiatives.”

By Niall Byrne