Irish Army signs €4.4m deal for upgraded Saab missile system

12 Jun 2014

Australian Defence Forces using the RBS70 via Wikimedia Commons

The Irish Army has signed a new €4.4m deal with Saab for its upgraded RBS 70 missile system and other high-tech equipment for training with the anti-air platforms.

This particular missile platform has been used a number of times in Ireland since the 1980s for important state visits from foreign heads of state and this deal will facilitate the system’s upgrade.

As well as the direct sale of new equipment, the Irish Army will also be gaining access to training technology for its use, including simulation programmes and night-vision equipment and technical support.

The new upgraded missile system will now be readily available for the next visit by a major foreign dignitary and will be effective against any low-flying aircraft.

“This order is very important because it demonstrates the reliability of the RBS 70 system. It is a modern and reliable system which also has a long lifespan. For the customers it is a great advantage that the system can be upgraded for future use,” The Irish Independent reported Saab’s Rickard Svensson as having said.

The RBS 70 was last upgraded in 2011, having been in service across the world since the Swedish manufacturers first introduced it in 1977.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic