Justin.tv streaming site closes ahead of Twitch takeover

6 Aug 2014

Justin.tv, one of the web’s oldest and largest live-streaming sites, has ceased to be today after seven years due to the impending takeover of its sister site Twitch by internet search giant Google.

Twitch has established itself as the go-to site for streaming of gaming content, having grown from Justin.tv, which had originally been started to stream the life of one of its co-founders, Justin Kan.

As the online show’s popularity grew, the website developed into the web’s largest online streaming channel catering to everything from personal interests to sports and also gaming, which became its own entity in 2011, known as Twitch.

Since then, it has far surpassed Justin.tv and now the company has decided to drop all content related to Justin.tv, including the website, mobile app and APIs.

Last February, Justin.tv announced was rebranding itself as Twitch Interactive, The Next Web reported.

The decision to axe the Justin.tv brand is expected to be a part of the process of streamlining the company prior to its expected acquisition by Google, the owner of YouTube, which is understood to have purchased the company for a figure close to US$1bn.

Those still using Justin.tv for non-gaming content may be disappointed to know there will now be no outlet for them. Once their channels are integrated into Twitch, they will only be allowed to post gaming videos, as per the site’s remit.

Twitch image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic