Sales of Google’s Nexus One off to slow start

14 Jan 2010

Sales of internet giant Google’s Nexus One mobile phone reached just 20,500 in its first week, mobile analysis firm Flurry has indicated.

The figure is only one-eightieth of the first-week sales of the iPhone 3GS and one-twelfth of the Motorola Droid’s sales in its first week of release, Flurry reported. The Nexus One was released on 5 January.

One reason for the slow start in Nexus One sales is because the smart phone is only available to purchase online, which means many orders have yet to arrive. The iPhone 3GS, on the other hand, also received a huge marketing push prior to its release.

Google will apparently not comment on the first-week sales of Nexus One publicly, but it had said earlier that total sales of 15,000 would not be disappointing. In addition, because this is Google’s first shot at selling a physical product to the public, the process may be bumpier than what established retailers experience.

Photo: Google’s Nexus One mobile phone