More than 500 jobs announced across Ireland this week
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More than 500 jobs announced across Ireland this week

8 Jun 2018863 Views

Alongside some stunning weather, Ireland was treated to a host of exciting jobs announcements this week, spread across a number of different regions on the island.

We in the Careers section certainly didn’t relish reporting to you that the month of May was pretty disappointing on the jobs front. It begged the question of whether that month was the beginning of a general slowdown and, if so, how long this slowdown would persist.

Fortunately, there’s no need to consider those kinds of questions now if this week is anything to go by because there was an incredible amount of new positions (510) revealed across Ireland.

First, US pizza ordering tech platform Slice revealed that it will take on 50 new employees at a software engineering centre in Northern Ireland.

Then, business processing outsourcing firm Abtran utterly stole the show with the news that it will take on 350 people in Sligo at a new regional operations centre.

There is a particular joy, arguably, to announcing jobs in more underserved parts of the country, so it’s great to see Sligo get such a boost – though it’s not the only place to profit.

Fund governance firm DMS Governance revealed this week that it will hire 50 at a new office in Cashel, Co Tipperary. Also in the financial services sphere, Centaur Fund Services will take on 30 people at a new centre in Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Finally, Irish-owned on-site support services company Elevare also announced the creation of 50 jobs spread between its two existing offices in Dublin (30) and London (20).

In other Careers news this week, we had a series of fascinating conversations with people across an array of sectors about the nature of their work and the role technological change is playing in the workplace.

Jason Kelly is a software developer for British car brand Jaguar Land Rover. The incredible change the automobile industry is undergoing necessitates that companies keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge technologies, and Kelly was happy to expand on what that means at his firm.

Siobhán Dervan is software engineer manager at Avaya. One of the things that surprised her most working in the industry, she explained, was how little a degree in IT prepares people for their careers.

Meanwhile, we also caught up with Ranjani Iyer, who took the plunge months ago and moved to Limerick to work with BD. Though she’s no stranger to moving around, she was still relieved to find that Limerick welcomed her with open arms.

For more on any of these stories, check out the links above.

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