AirSpeed Telecom’s LiveLinx service broadcasts Global Irish Economic Forum

10 Oct 2011

Liam O'Kelly, managing director, AirSpeed Telecom

Licensed wireless telecommunications products and services provider AirSpeed Telecom has utilised its state-of-the-art LiveLinx service to deliver a live television broadcast video feed for the second Global Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle on 7-8 October.

The event, aimed at engaging with the Irish diaspora to help build Ireland’s reputation among the international Irish business community, provided AirSpeed Telecom, an Irish company, with an opportunity to demonstrate the company’s innovative technology to more than 300 influential individuals, including domestic and international entrepreneurs, as well as a host of dignitaries, including former US president Bill Clinton, who spoke at the event.

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LiveLinx involves the utilisation of a flexible IP network to take a live video feed from the cameras at Dublin Castle and deliver the content direct to the RTÉ news desk for use in its regular news updates. LiveLinx offers both financial and time savings for the broadcaster as it reduces satellite uplink fees and the cost of sending a technical crew to the event.

“Our LiveLinx service offers broadcasters a reliable and very cost-effective mechanism for the delivery of immediate footage to their news desk,” said Liam O’Kelly, managing director, AirSpeed Telecom.

“Audio and video captured at the event is encoded as MPEG-4 and carried on a high-capacity licensed wireless link using the IP protocol. Quality of Service (QoS) is used to protect the broadcast quality of the stream, with uncontended point-to-point licensed wireless links as the carrier network. This is a wonderful opportunity for an Irish company like AirSpeed Telecom to demonstrate our capabilities to such a vast audience, which includes members of the Irish diaspora from the four corners of the globe.”

RTÉ regularly uses AirSpeed Telecom’s LiveLinx service. During the recent general election, LiveLinx delivered live video footage from the main political party press rooms and a selection of constituency count centres directly to the RTÉ newsroom. This provided RTÉ with a cost-effective solution to the issue of having to be in multiple locations with multiple technical crews.

The LiveLinx service has also been installed in a number of Irish stockbroker firms, including NCB Stockbrokers, Davy and Merrion Stockbrokers, to link them to RTÉ. A broadcasting set-up, including camera, audio feed and dedicated connectivity into the RTÉ newsroom, has been established inside each participating firm, allowing studio-based presenters to remotely interview the financial experts on the day’s markets news.

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