Bitbuzz hotspots now reach 430, monthly logins increase 48pc

8 Jan 2013

Bitbuzz has reached 110 more hotspots since December 2011 and the Wi-Fi network operator witnessed a 48pc increase in monthly logins to just over 485,000 compared with the 250,000 logins per month recorded at the end of 2011.

Logins per day doubled to 20,000 in 2012, and Bitbuzz reached 430 hotspots in 2012, up from 320 hotspots in December 2011.

These increases may be attributable to Bitbuzz initiatives throughout 2012, such as the launch of its free outdoor Wi-Fi service, Bitbuzz Freedom, in key outdoor locations throughout Dublin, and the expansion of its Wi-Fi offering to include all of Three’s Apple and Android smartphone customers for free.

Bitbuzz has also increased its presence within the hotel sector and now provides Wi-Fi in more than 126 hotels across the UK and Ireland, which translates to more than 11,003 hotel rooms.

“We are very pleased with the development of Bitbuzz this year; and are delighted to see that Wi-Fi usage on our network continues to grow. The growing demand for Wi-Fi continues to be driven by smartphone users, with logins by smartphone users now standing at 59pc of our total Wi-Fi usage,” said Shane Deasy, managing director, Bitbuzz.

“In terms of 2013, our aim is to continue to roll out the Bitbuzz Freedom product across Ireland and to continue to grow our presence in hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Ireland and the UK.”

Bitbuzz also announced a new London office in 2012, which helped develop the company in the UK.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic