Consumers spend more time on internet, less time on phone

25 Mar 2010

A consumer spending survey by Ireland’s telecoms regulator ComReg has confirmed what traditional telcos fear the most – consumers are spending more time online and less time on their fixed or mobile devices.

ComReg’s first residential survey of 2010 of 1,003 people between 15 and 74 found that mobile phone penetration at 94pc is continuing to rise while fixed line penetration at 65pc has decreased marginally.

The average bi-monthly spend on fixed line services continues to fall, with consumers spending just under €80 on their fixed line services compared to more than €96 in December 2008.

Decrease in average monthly spend in mobile phone market

Similarly, average monthly spend in the mobile phone market also continues to fall, declining from just more than €41 in December 2008 to just more than €36 in January 2010. Respondents claim an average monthly spend on broadband access of just under €34.

There has been an increase in satisfaction with complaint resolution among fixed line users compared to a year ago (from 53pc to 63pc), and to a lesser extent among mobile users (from 65-69pc).

Home internet access has remained relatively steady at 66pc.

The average time spent on the internet per week has risen from 10 hours in December 2008 to 13.2 hours in January 2010.

There has been an increase in perceived awareness of contracted internet download speeds; though a significant proportion of internet users are still unsure of their contracted speed (40pc).

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of respondents stating they have a bundled service (from 27pc in December 2008 to 40pc in January 2010), the vast majority (85pc) of which is double play.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Home internet access has remained relatively steady at 66pc, ComReg’s first residential survey of 2010 shows

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years