Cubic Telecom partners with Kymeta to create hybrid network

9 Mar 2020

A sea rescue boat, which is one of the vehicles that could benefit from the technology developed through this partnership. Image: © dcw25

Cubic Telecom and Kymeta are developing a solution that enables military or emergency services to communicate more efficiently in remote environments, such as in deserts and at sea.

Today (9 March), Cubic Telecom announced a new partnership with satellite connectivity business Kymeta.

Dublin-based Cubic said that it is partnering with Kymeta to develop a “groundbreaking” hybrid network software that will enable LTE and 5G for Kymeta’s satellite solution, which will benefit emergency services, NGOs and military services.

Cubic said that as a result of the partnership with Kymeta, first responders, military and rescue teams can now operate with an “always-on” communications connectivity that enables vehicles to switch from satellite to cellular connectivity.

By working with Kymeta, the Dublin company has developed a solution for one of the common problems faced by critical response teams that need to remain connected in difficult situations and terrain.

In a statement, Cubic Telecom said: “Cubic and Kymeta’s technology collaboration brings safer, more secure and hyper-efficient connectivity for industries such as the military, emergency response and transport. This radical satellite-cellular hybrid package combines LTE with satellite coverage.

“Buses, vehicle fleets, maritime vessels, ferries, trucks and trains will automatically switch to the satellite network in the event of a drop in cellular coverage, allowing users to remain connected anywhere in the world, even at sea, in the midst of a mountain rescue or in the middle of a desert.”

The collaboration

Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom, said: “Satellite communication is dependent on having a clear line of sight from the satellite to the device with no obstructions. Cubic’s LTE and 5G networks partnered with Kymeta’s satellite is a truly mobile solution with complete coverage of Earth.

“By combining these communication networks, we can provide enhanced products and services at a sustainable economy of scale, while supporting essential communications.”

The company said that the software leverages satellite and cellular networks to deliver cost savings and increased reliability to the user, making cellular and satellite more accessible and more commercially viable than ever.

Kymeta president and COO Walter Berger added: “By integrating Kymeta’s industry-defining services platform with Cubic’s global managed cellular network, we have established a partnership that will continue to offer advanced services to established and emerging markets.

“With this partnership, we now offer a single integrated solution providing the hardware to connect to satellite and cellular from any moving platform, the satellite and cellular services to connect the user, and an entire platform of services and tools to manage a user’s network so that each experience can be optimised for each user.”

Kymeta plans to launch the connectivity solution in the US and Europe first, before expanding to other countries around the world.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic