Dublin firm brings MS Office cloud to BlackBerry App World

15 Dec 2009

One of Ireland’s first companies to feature apps on BlackBerry App World has launched a new app for cloud solution, ExSafe for Box.net, that allows users to access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents on their BlackBerry smart phones.

Privately held ExSafe was founded in 2006. Its vision is to bring cloud-based collaboration technology to a mobile workforce. ExSafe offers a variety of products and hosted services aimed at users of BlackBerry smart phones and laptops running the Microsoft Office suite.

An efficient mobile workforce is critical to any successful business and Dublin firm ExSafe’s app for Box.net brings a whole new level of efficiency for accountants, lawyers, realtors, insurance brokers, restaurateurs and other professionals.

About the app

ExSafe for Box.net even assists with regulatory compliance, thanks to the audit trail and version history features that are built into Box.net. All of this is available through a special introductory one-off licence cost of US$9.99 for a single user account, valid until 31 December on BlackBerry App World.

“ExSafe leverages the higher-screen resolutions and ability to edit Microsoft Office documents on newer BlackBerry smart phones to enable Box.net customers to have all their essential documents at their fingertips,” explained CEO Tony Prylowski.

“But as well as having access to your own Box.net documents and folders, ExSafe connects you with shared Box.net collaboration folders. That means you can collaborate quickly and securely with your colleagues, without the need to email documents back and forth. I think we’ve all experienced the confusion that this causes!”

Sign up online

ExSafe for Box.net on BlackBerry smart phones is available on BlackBerry App World and can be used in conjunction with your existing Box.net user account. If you do not have a Box.net account you can sign up on its website.

“Because of our OpenBox platform, Box.net’s 3-million-plus users have the power to do more with their content using applications like ExSafe – in this case, while they are using their BlackBerry smart phone,” said Karen Appleton, vice-president of business development at Box.net.

“This integration is another example of how connecting cloud applications through our open platform gives Box.net users a breadth of functionality that rivals traditional server-based systems like Microsoft SharePoint,” Appleton said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: Users of BlackBerry smart phones will be able to access, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents via the ExSafe for Box.net app.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years