Gigglebit: Watch the internet overload with data live!

30 Mar 2015

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If you haven’t noticed, the internet is a pretty big digital place.

Every second, billions of people across the planet log on to YouTube to watch a video, send a message on WhatsApp or browse photos on Facebook.

But do we really comprehend how much data is created by all of these actions? Well now you can with the help of this mind-blowing clock that shows just how much time we’re actually spending on the internet right now.

This particular clock was developed by PennyStocks Lab who have taken user figures compiled by the web services at hand and then generated them into estimates of how much data is being generated, rather than actually connecting with them in exact terms.

Click on the gif below to see it to watch the internet pass you by.

Internet sign image via violinha/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic