Google-powered phone on the way

30 Oct 2007

Search engine giant Google is planning to reveal details within the next two weeks of a mobile phone specially designed to run with its mail, search and YouTube software, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal.

Although the much rumoured ‘Gphone’ was recently said to be nothing more than a software bundle it appears that the company has developed software and services that would require mobile handsets manufacturers to collaborate in order to bring a ‘Google-powered’ phone to the market.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has approached several handset companies within the last few months with a view to developing a unique phone on which the advanced software can run.

It is rumoured that Google is already seeking partnerships with mobile carriers: Orange in France and 3 in the UK.

While Apple is partnered up with AT&T for the iPhone in the US, Google is rumoured to be in talks with T-Mobile.

Although many mobile carriers offer some aspect of Google services such as the search engine or Gmail application, this development is not a bunch of applications that sit on the phone but rather an integrated operating system (OS).

Another unique feature is the fact that the OS would be open to third party developers.

This handset is expected to be on the market by the middle of next year.

By Marie Boran