HTC unveils customisable Android device

9 Sep 2009

With the new Tattoo smart phone, HTC may bring Android devices squarely into the mainstream market as it unveils the first completely customisable mobile experience.

The HTC Tattoo will be available in Europe from the beginning of October and will be the mobile manufacturer’s second handset to feature the Sense overlay, which prioritises making content as easily accessible as possible.

The Tattoo will not only have the ability to place apps and widgets wherever on the screen the user wants; HTC says the hardware will also be customisable as will the outer cover, which can be skinned.

“Everyone wants their own phone to feel like it was specifically made for them. The Tattoo with HTC Sense represents an easy way to shape your own distinct mobile experience and really make it your own,” said Peter Chou, chief executive at HTC.

Another interesting aspect of the Tattoo is its online integration with the on-board photo album; it will act as a gateway to Facebook and Flickr, presumably through tagging.

Search is also quite powerful with the ability to search through your Tweets as well as your contact list and email inbox.

Priced at UK£320 and featuring a 3.2-megapixel camera as well as a Micro SD slot, the Tattoo is placing itself firmly in the same market space as Apple’s iPhone.

Photo: The HTC Tattoo will be available in Europe in early October.

By Marie Boran