Mobile ads blossom as 20pc access net via mobile

10 Mar 2008

Overall, young people and Dubliners are most likely to respond to mobile advertising and 20pc of Irish consumers regularly access the internet from their mobile phone, new research reveals.

According to research conducted by Landsdowne Research on behalf of Irish mobile advertising firm Return2Sender, a significant number of consumers are using their mobiles to access information from advertisers.

The study also revealed 60pc of consumers are using multimedia messaging (MMS).

“There is a massive opportunity for brands to build lasting, emotional connections with mobile consumers using sound, animation and video,” said Donald Douglas, managing director of Return2Sender.

The Return2Sender research revealed almost half of consumers were willing to receive marketing messages as part of a loyalty scheme, where consumers receive rewards such as call credit and ringtones.

“Mobile is an intensely personal medium and execution is everything. Mobile consumers need to be getting something of value in return for being advertised to,” Douglas explained.

He continued: “On the downside, our research also revealed mobile consumers are being badly served by existing content providers.

“With over 50pc of consumers citing lack of interest and lack of a need for mobile internet, there is an obvious gap for trusted brands to leverage existing content in the form of promotions or sponsorships for sports, music etc to create great mobile campaigns.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy in their use of mobile internet services. Usage patterns are becoming more sophisticated, evolving from music downloads to a broader range of services such as internet browsing, reading news and social networking,” Douglas said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured is the Snickers interactive ad by Return2Sender