Nokia to close N-Gage mobile-gaming division

2 Nov 2009

Nokia is planning to close its gaming unit N-Gage early next year after it failed to move beyond a niche audience of gamers.

N-Gage was launched in 2003 along with a major global advertising campaign, but unfortunately it never achieved more than a small hard-core gaming audience.

According to a blog on the official N-Gage site, all games will now move under the Ovi apps store umbrella.

“N-Gage games can be purchased until the end of September 2010,” it said.

“While the site together with the N-Gage Arena and other community features will remain in operation throughout 2010, the Ovi Store will be the new central place for all the mobile games that Nokia and other publishers offer from this point forward. We will no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform,” Nokia said in the N-Gage blog.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years