O2 Ireland’s price plan for iPhone 3G S revealed

17 Jun 2009

Pricing for the forthcoming iPhone 3G S handset (both 16GB and 32GB models) on the O2 Ireland network has just been announced, starting at €79.

The handset price for the 16GB model iPhone 3G S handset is as follows: €79 on the iPhone 700 price plan, which is €100 per month for 700 anytime minutes, 250 texts and 1GB of data, as well as 25 MMS. The 32GB model will cost €169 on the same plan.

On the iPhone 350 plan, which costs €65 per month and gives 350 minutes, 150 texts and 15 MMS, the 16GB handset will set you back €129, while the 32GB model is retailing at €229.

With the lower iPhone 175 plan that costs €45 per month, the 16GB and 32GB handsets will cost €199 and €299 respectively to purchase, and this is for 175 anytime minutes with 100 texts and 10 MMS.

The cost of the handset is considerably higher for prepay customers: the 16GB 3G S will retail at €519, while the 32GB 3G S will be priced at a hefty €609.

The current 8GB iPhone 3G will be reduced to €420 for mrepay customers from tomorrow, 18 June. Meanwhilem the iPhone 3G S will go on sale on 26 June.