Samsung sells more than 1 million Wave HDs in first month

14 Jul 2010

Samsung’s first smartphone running on its own Bada mobile platform has sold more than 1 million units globally in just under four weeks of its release.

The Bada-powered smartphone has a powerful 1GHz processor and a Super AMOLED high-definition 3.3-inch screen, which is almost identical in resolution to the iPhone 4 Retina display even though Apple claims its own display is the highest resolution on the market.

The Bada mobile apps platform launched in Ireland with the Wave handset but the search for Bada developers began late last year when Samsung announced a US$2.7m global prize fund to encourage the creation of plenty of applications.

Samsung’s latest Android-powered smartphone is also doing well: Galaxy S sales have reached more than 300,000 units in just 19 days.