Smart boosts broadband
to 6Mbps

9 Mar 2006

Smart Telecom said today that it plans to start offering residential customers bandwidth of up to 6Mbps.

The company said that it plans to offer customer 6Mbps services for around €65 per month.

As well as the 6Mbps service, it will be offering a 5Mbps service for €55 a month and a 4Mbps service for €45 a month.

According to the company, the upgrades will be at the discretion of the customer once that customer has been trafficking for over a month with Smart.

The company will begin only selling the 3Mbps service to customers in order to alleviate the potential problem of selling users a service that their telephone line can’t handle.

It added that in the event of a customer upgrading to a speed that their line can’t handle, they will be automatically downgraded for free.

“This time last year we launched our standard broadband package at €35 per month and customers have flocked to our 3Mbps offering,” said Oisin Fanning, chief executive of Smart Telecom.

“However, we have received significant demand from residential customers for extra bandwidth and our announcement today will satisfy this clientele,” he added.

By John Kennedy