UPC ups the standard with 120Mb entry-level home broadband

14 Oct 2013

Image via iQoncept/Shutterstock

UPC Ireland has raised the bar for entry-level home broadband speeds with a new basic package offering more than double its current entry-level speed of 50Mb.

Starting today, UPC will now offer 120Mb broadband as part of bundles with the Horizon set-top box and also packages for broadband and phone only. Existing customers can switch to these new packages on renewing their service.

This speed makes UPC’s entry-level broadband faster than the top speeds offered by competitors.

UPC has also upgraded its high-speed service from 150Mb to 200Mb, and the 10GB usage allowance has been increased to 30GB.

UPC’s fibre power network reaches 46pc of the population. New customers will be able to avail of the high-speed network through one of the packages below.

UPC broadband packages

The chart below shows how the telecommunications provider has increased broadband speed every year since its launch in 2008, when entry-level speed was just 3Mb.

UPC broadband speed increases

Internet speed image by iQoncept via Shutterstock

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