YouTube downloads to be as instant as watching TV, says Magnet chief

22 May 2009

The latest upgrade of Magnet’s 40th exchange will see 20,000 people in the Rathmines area of Dublin be capable of receiving broadband speeds of 24Mbps, up from 7Mbps originally.

“The difference in broadband speeds will become instantly tangible and noticeable,” said Magnet chief executive, Mark Kellett.

“Consumers will be able to download music, videos and other web content at exponentially faster speeds, while local companies will enjoy faster, more efficient speeds for their communications needs.

“For example, with broadband this speed watching a YouTube video or RTÉ player would be as smooth and instant as watching content on your TV,” Kellett added.

This is Magnet’s 40th such exchange upgrade in the country. The company also claims to have the largest fibre network, and in parts of Ireland provides speeds as high as 50Mbps.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years