Greyhound recycling firm takes sales and services to the cloud

24 Jun 2009

One of Ireland’s leading recycling and recovery management companies, Greyhound Recycling & Recovery, has deployed Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud to track leads and sales opportunities and its Service Cloud to boost customer service.

Prior to its migration to Salesforce CRM, Greyhound Recycling & Recovery employed several systems to manage its customer relationships.

While these systems provided powerful tools that could be used by the sales and marketing division to deliver a first-class customer service, it was difficult to synchronise them, and therefore impossible to share up-to-date information between management and sales teams.

“We recognised an urgent requirement to deploy an integrated CRM solution to maximise our sales focus and manage customer relationships,” said Bartley Doyle, IT manager, Greyhound Recycling & Recovery.

Greyhound Recycling & Recovery examined and evaluated the entire spectrum of CRM options, considering everything from the traditional client/server technology to developing its own system in house. These approaches were rejected because of the high total cost of ownership (TCO), lengthy implementation times and lack of scalability.

Salesforce CRM was finally chosen following a pilot phase to demonstrate the quality and flexibility of the solution.

“We were able to map Salesforce CRM to our sales and service processes tightly,” Doyle continued. “User adoption was a fast and enjoyable element of the implementation because we were able to componentise the implementation modules and we didn’t need to re-engineer our business logic.

“Now, armed with custom workflows, we can reduce significantly the management required within the business processes, thus providing direct costs savings to the business. The organisation also benefits from lower IT costs through the removal of server hardware and software requirements,” Doyle said.

Salesforce CRM provides Greyhound Recycling & Recovery with total visibility of the sales pipeline and its customers. The sales and service staff have all the relevant information they need to manage clients effectively, and management can now get up-to-the-minute metrics on key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Salesforce CRM enables Greyhound to see the overall company from a bird’s-eye view, making it easier to steer it toward success.

“Everyone from management to sales representatives to customer service personnel and more share this single customer view, which smoothes interaction between all the employees and ensures consistent and co-ordinated account management, at all stages of the customer lifecycle,” said Steve Garnett, senior vice-president, Enterprise Sales, EMEA at

The Service Cloud has empowered the customer support team to deliver a more responsive, efficient and rewarding service to customers, which has greatly improved customer retention. 

“We hold a customer service meeting each week and use dashboards to measure and benchmark our service. To date, we have had a lot of positive feedback from customers who are very impressed with the level of service we offer.

“It’s definitely having an impact on customer satisfaction levels. The Service Cloud provided us with a new and better way of doing business,” Doyle said.

By John Kennedy