Ireland the European HQ for Silicon Valley company

18 Apr 2011

A fast growing cloud-computing company in Silicon Valley, Marketo, has decided to establish its European headquarters in Dublin. The company has hired Limerick man Fergus Gloster as managing director, Europe.

Gloster was one of the co-founders of in Europe and was formerly that company’s senior vice-president for corporate sales in EMEA until 2009.

Marketo founder and CEO Phil Fernandez will be in Dublin this week to discuss its plans with IDA Ireland. The number of jobs, which are likely to be located in the Dublin area, have not been confirmed but the company has already commenced recruiting for sales, marketing, support, consulting and development positions.

Marketo specialises in a new area of cloud computing known as revenue performance management. This combines marketing automation with sales to grow revenues by using all the latest customer interaction points, including social media.

Founded in 2006, Marketo is one of the fastest-growing cloud computing or software-as-a-service companies in Silicon Valley history, posting a 315pc revenue increase in 2010.

“I was attracted to Marketo because of its great technology and ability to help companies drive revenues from their marketing and sales investment,” said Gloster. “I feel the same buzz about Marketo that I felt at the start of”

He added, “This is a great time to be setting up in Ireland and the country has the skills to help Marketo become the leading revenue performance management company in Europe.”