Irrelevant emails overwhelm seven out of 10 employees

9 Sep 2010

Enterprise cloud company has revealed that seven out of 10 workers were overwhelmed by irrelevant emails. The research also shows that 46pc of employees use social media services within the workplace.

OnePoll conducted this research on behalf of, with more than 1,000 workers from Irish and UK businesses participating.

The research found that employees run the risk of a data deluge at work, with 38pc of employees saying they suffer from information overload.

“The habit of ‘blasting’ out emails to a large group of people to ensure that there is no chance of leaving anyone out of a particular message has created a situation where email is now becoming counter-productive,” said Tim Barker, vice-president of EMEA strategy for

“Office workers are now facing the choice of trawling through countless emails that have nothing to do with them or ignoring them and potentially missing out on vital messages.”

This research also shows that social media is on the rise at the workplace, with 46pc of employees using these services at work every day.

This figure rises to 56pc for employees in their early 20s and to two-thirds for those just entering to job market.

Some 74pc of respondents under 35 said they get some business benefit from the information they get from social media. Only 52pc of employees aged 35 and older felt the same way.

These findings point out the emerging new communications models within the workplace and urges businesses not to ignore them.