IT security pros say firms most vulnerable to attack during Xmas holidays

21 Dec 2012

Businesses are more vulnerable to attack than ever during the Christmas holidays, a survey of IT security and business professionals believe.

Some 270 IT security and business professionals who participated in an online survey conducted by by Dimension Research on behalf of nCircle found that two-thirds of security professionals believe organisations are most at risk during the holiday period.

When asked “Are you concerned that your company may be more vulnerable to attack during major holidays such as Christmas and News Year’s?”, 57pc of respondents said “no”, but 61pc of security professionals said “yes”.

“In spite of the increase in malware and viruses around every major holiday, attacks can happen anytime,” said Andrew Storms, director of IT security operations for nCircle.

“IT security professionals live in a constant state of vigilance – they know attackers are always looking for an advantage.

“You can’t build a good security program overnight, but if you already have one in place you’re probably just as safe on Christmas as you are any other day of the year.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years