Loss of data a major fear among Irish firms

21 Mar 2007

Around three quarters of Irish IT managers cite “loss of business-critical data” and “downtime of key IT systems” as the greatest risks they face in IT planning.

A new survey of European IT managers, including a small number of Irish IT managers, found that the proliferation of data that has to be stored in various locations on various systems with guaranteed recovery also represents a major headache for Irish managers.

Around 65pc of IT managers surveyed expressed concerns about managing distributed data storage.

The survey highlighted a disconnect between IT managers’ awareness of risk and the action they take.

While 90pc of Irish IT managers stress that losing business data would hurt their company, 25pc of Irish managers have not implemented a suitable service level agreement (SLA) strategy to mitigate the risk of data loss and set acceptable data recovery objectives.

“To effectively understand and address business risk, IT managers must understand both the service level requirements of the business and the potential operational impact that infrastructure events can have on those service levels,” Duncan Fisken, vice-president, solutions management, EMEA, CA explained.

“Managers who fail to develop this understanding won’t be able to design or implement appropriate data storage, management and recovery processes,” Fisken said.

By John Kennedy