New Trojan malware targets corporate data

15 Nov 2010

A new Trojan spyware that can be used as a corporate spying tool has emerged and could pose a serious threat to corporate data.

Security provider BitDefender described the malware in a statement as a “serious enemy” to corporate data and that the ‘Trojan.spy.YEK’ could locate and target critical data and archives.

PCWorld has reported that BitDefender is warning the number of such threats are increasing and that this Trojan is easily saved. Once it is saved, BitDefender says there is nothing to stop it connecting to meeting spots with the attacker.

Unauthorised access

A Trojan virus attacks computers by appearing to perform a desirable function for the user prior to run or install but instead facilitates unauthorised access of the user’s computer system.

The BitDefender team says the ‘Trojan.Spy.YEK’ can collect files (in emails, archives, address books and documents on all versions of Windows from 95 to 7) using a GET request and can even take screenshots and send the attacker the results.

The report on the ‘Trojan.Spy.YEK’ comes when experts warn that next year could see more targeted attacks, as well as a new form of cyber attack that takes cyber terrorism onto the political and nationalistic stage.