creates new cloud channel

6 Sep 2011

In recognition of the inevitable journey the technology world is making towards the cloud, Ireland’s leading technology news site,, has dedicated an entirely new channel to the subject of cloud computing.

Every day our writers will include the latest, breaking technology news in the area, including the latest cloud-based IT deals, mergers/acquisitions, cloud infrastructure, data centres and best practice for Irish businesses.

Just click on the ‘Cloud’ tab that will sit underneath the masthead along with other key sections like Business, Comms, Strategy, Digital Life, Innovation and New Media.

The channel will be boosted by’s top quality video interviews with leading executives in the area of cloud computing who will discuss strategy and concepts around cloud computing.

The channel will also be chock full of case studies and features on the area of cloud computing.

Reason for’s cloud channel

The inspiration behind creating a dedicated cloud channel came from our realisation and concern that Irish businesses are hearing a lot about cloud computing but unfortunately are left grasping for explanations, definitions and ultimately how much it will cost and how much it will be of benefit.

More than half (54pc) of Irish businesses are confused about the term cloud computing, according to a new O2 survey, conducted in July by independent research company iReach.

At, we believe the cloud is the inevitable journey most firms will take in terms of how they will manage their information, communicate and collaborate. In an internet and increasingly smartphone-centric world it is logical. In a recession-weary world, computing that cuts business costs should be welcomed.

At the same time governments have begun to embrace cloud computing to deliver efficient and better-value services, and the recent decision by the Irish Government to create a high-level, cross-departmental working group to assess and implement the cloud should also be welcome.

Then there is the economic picture. Microsoft recently published an economic impact report which showed that if Ireland embraces cloud computing rapidly, it can capture a disproportionate share of the market, which is estimated to be worth €70bn by 2014. As many as 20,000 cloud jobs could be created in Ireland alone, comprising 8,600 technology jobs and a further 11,000 jobs in non-tech businesses.

Join as we help our readers navigate the important and necessary journey to the cloud.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years