SLAs are critical for the journey into the cloud

7 Jan 2011

Servecentric’s CEO Aidan Donnelly warns against believing moving to the cloud is as easy as is often being portrayed.

“Moving to infrastructure-as-a-service is a big step for companies. It’s important to make sure it is seamless.”

From Donnelly’s perspective, smaller firms with fewer IT assets are brave when it comes to embracing the cloud, but when it comes to larger firms there are a number of stages that need to be taken.

“Virtualisation is a key one first. Then optimise the technology resources you have. The next piece is letting go; from being server huggers into being something that will let things out.

“The key drivers we see in market and the key reason why we’re launching our private cloud platform is a service level agreement (SLA).

“How do you give small, medium and large companies comfort that they actually have a service level they can find acceptable? We’ve been delivering SLAs for years in data centres but see it as a small step for us to wrap that around the service level we’re currently giving.”

In recent months, Servecentric revealed it had made a €1m investment in a new cloud computing platform called Kloudcentric. The company is targeting Ireland’s value added reseller (VAR) channel with the new service. These VARs will own brand the service and sell to Irish businesses seeking to reduce capital expenditure and to enterprises that need to scale their IT infrastructure.

Developed over 18 months, Kloudcentric has been built on Fort Technologies’ ‘MyWorld’ cloud management software. This enables Servecentric’s channel partners to deliver a one-stop shop solution for designing, costing, building and managing complete IT infrastructures for multiple customers using both the technical and business tools within the software.

By logging into the secure online portal, customers can design their complete IT environment inclusive of servers, business applications, networks and security. Services can be turned up or down, depending on the level of service required.