Spam still over 60pc mark

3 May 2007

The volume of spam sent to Irish inboxes topped the 60pc mark again in April, according to figures released by IE Internet. Some 6pc of emails contained viruses during the month.

The US and South Korea were the main source of spam.

Korea was responsible for almost 23pc of all spam sent to Irish inboxes last month, while the US accounted for 24pc. Although Korea has a much smaller population than the US, it has high broadband penetration, which makes it an attractive target for criminal spam gangs.

Hosting company IE Internet intercepts thousands of spam emails every day through protecting over 35,000 business email users.

The most popular viruses for April were the W32/Warezov.gen (14.6pc of all email infections), W32/Mytob.CQ@mm (14.5pc) and W32/Zafi.B@mm (13pc).

By Niall Byrne