The Heartbleed Bug – What it is and How to Handle It (infographic)

9 May 2014

On the heels of news an IT security expert has claimed 300,000 servers in the world are still under threat from Heartbleed, we present an infographic on just what the bug is and why it’s cause for concern.

Robert Graham, a researcher with Errata Security, took it upon himself to scan the internet and found 318,239 systems are still vulnerable to Heartbleed, despite its discovery a month ago.

The infographic published by SEO and web design company A Work of Art on, defines Heartbleed and how it works, looks at whether the bug has been fixed and what has been affected, and recommends computer users change their passwords.

The infographic even offers tips on how to create a strong and memorable password.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic