Aertv to live stream Jerry Fish session for St Patrick’s Festival

16 Mar 2012

Musician Jerry Fish

Online TV-streaming service Aertv will live stream a recording session of musician Jerry Fish from Windmill Lane Recording Studios as part of this year’s St Patrick’s Festival.

The Irish singer/songwriter will perform music from his back catalogue and play acoustic songs from his time as lead singer of the band An Emotional Fish. He will also record with other musicians he previously worked with, along with performers from RTÉ’s Other Voices series.

The session will be streamed globally from Aertv today. Viewers will also be able to comment on the session through Twitter and Fish will get this feedback during the show.

“Audiences can expect an intimate, witty and dynamic performance from one of Ireland’s legendary entertainers,” said Aidan Alcock, Windmill Lane Studios director.

“Live Aertv streaming from Studio 1 will make the event part of Irish music history and give the audience a unique and exclusive ‘fly-on-the-wall’ view of this magical space,” he said.

Tourism Ireland will also promote the event to its German market, letting them view the concert directly from its website.

“Germany is the largest outbound travel market in the world and the third largest of overseas visitors to Ireland,” said Aertv director Philippe Brodeur.

“Teaming up with Aertv to show a prestigious concert to their market serves to enhance Ireland as a fantastic spot for music talent.”