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30 Apr 2009

Just over a week ago, RaboDirect launched what it is calling ‘Ireland’s first banking blog’. Blogging equals transparency, so not a bad move, but somehow I cannot see the bigwigs from AIB or Bank of Ireland chatting frankly with concerned customers via an official blog. It’s hard enough to get the information we’re entitled to obtain. Blog

This blog deals frankly with questions asked by readers in the name of transparency.

While RaboDirect says: “We are holding our own and we have not and will not seek Government support and/or nationalisation and Rabobank continues to make a healthy profit,” it is good that it discusses it relationship with ACCBank (owned by RaboBank) because ACCBank is amongst those financial institutions applying to the Commercial Court in a bid to recover multimillion euro loans.

Ferguson & Associates Finance Blog

ferguson blog

This blog from Ferguson & Associates provides advice on mortgages, pensions, savings and investments.

Latest advice? If you have any money to spare, invest in Government Bonds. As long as you’re willing to put this money on ice until 2016, you could get a return of 38.1pc on your investment.

My advice is to begin reading blogs like these. When the time comes that you can afford investments, you will be prepared and always have the smarts and opportunity to keep your rainy-day fund topped up.

Blue Sky Mortgages Blog

blue sky

Right now, so many people are looking for independent mortgage advice and this is what Blue Sky Mortgages is in the business of giving. So far, so good. But if you’ve gone as far as creating a blog (and a slick, good-looking website) why abandon it when customers and potential customers need it most?

This blog hasn’t been updated since January, but hopefully someone from the firm will read this and begin blogging again. Don’t underestimate the power of providing an online interactive forum for your customers!

Paddy Power Trader Blog

paddy power blog

An educational experience: the Paddy Power Trader blog has both Trader Diaries and a Views & Opinions section.

From FTSE to the value of gold, this is a top-notch resource on all things in the financial world.

Articles such as ‘Is Gold Last Year’s Fashion’ or ‘Where Next for the Dollar” make for some insightful reading and, according to the site, help people: “Get a better understanding of the financial markets – while avoiding the financial gobbledegook”.