Reviewed: Jivo iPad Executive Range covers

30 Jul 2010

Apple products feel like luxury consumer electronics in and of themselves but it is possible to give them even more prestige depending on how you dress them up. Jivo’s iPad Executive Range is as good as it gets.

We tested two different models from the Executive Range: the dual-use case and the pouch case, both made from leather.

The dual-use leather case is pretty slick. It comes in brown, black and red, and the while my colleague took the executive-looking black leather one for a spin, I nestled my iPad into the quite preppy-looking brown leather version.

These covers are made from good quality Brazilian leather and look to be sturdy and well made. Unlike other simple cases out there, the dual-use, as the name suggests, performs two functions.

Firstly, it is a snug cover for your iPad: one side is flush against the iPad with sections open for access to controls while the other side consists of two elasticated corners to keep it held in.

My main priority in choosing an iPad cover is not just that it protects it but that it disguises it, too. This leather cover makes it look like a journal or diary and is the equivalent of swapping out your white earbuds for something less obvious.

Another problem encountered with the iPad is the lack of stand when you simply want to prop it up but the cover flips out to become a stand and there are three ‘bumps’ or notches on the inside cover for resting the device against, leaving it handsfree to watch video or play music.

ipad cover leather pouch

The classy yet hip boho look for your iPad

Now on to high fashion. This is the kind of iPad cove that Sienna Miller or Kate Moss would snatch up in an instant. It looks quite modern and boho and is made from soft suede leather.

There isn’t a huge amount of padding in this, but its softness will keep the screen scratch-free and the faded brown leather and brass buckle is pretty sexy.

Probably not an iPad cover for the boys but classy enough not to be anywhere near girly and compact enough to act as a second skin and slip into your briefcase or laptop bag.

Both of these covers from the Jivo iPad Executive Range can be bought through select Jivo stockists nationwide.