Tech gift guide for savvy mammies this Mother’s Day

27 Mar 2014

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Mothers are as different as snowflakes and a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates isn’t going to cut it with everyone. For tech-savvy mammies, we’ve got a selection of gadgets with the goods to please.

If cash is short this Mother’s Day (yes, it’s Sunday, 30 March, in Ireland and the UK!), why not create a viral video tribute to your mam, as a Nidge impersonator once did for his mother’s birthday. Failing that, you can always say it with an e-card.

Alternatively, you may find the inspiration here for a gadget gift worthy of the woman who raised you.

Working mothers

If your motherly figure is tied to a desk most of the time, why not give her something to spruce that space up a bit? A digital photo frame lets her keep a range of photos on her desk in one space-saving frame, while a unique USB drive is a fun and practical way to give her something that reminds her of you. For neat mothers, some desk-tidy helpers will be welcome, while territorial types might find use for a desk patrol Dalek.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

Clockwise from top left: 8GB TDK USB 2.0 flash drive frog, €19, Littlewoods Ireland; cassette USB hub, €14.99,; cable clips, €3, Tiger; Doctor Who Desktop Patrol Dalek, €24.99,; Hetty desktop vacuum cleaner, €14.99,; Logik 7-inch digital photo frame, €37.99, PC World

Mums on the run

On-the-go mums need their gadgets to keep things ticking over as they fulfil their duties as part of the mobile workforce. A chic sleeve or slick stylus pen from Cross might be a treat for a tablet-user, or a mini computer mouse for busy mothers who travel light. Power-boosting portable chargers are a great and useful gadget, and we particularly like the solar-powered variety for added eco-friendliness. Motoring mams can keep their smartphone to hand with a Wonder Holder, or easily swap gadgets from one handbag to the next with a handy organiser.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

Clockwise from top left: Orla Kiely iPad Mini case, €49.99, Harvey Norman; Cross Tech 2 pen and stylus, €30,; mini optical mouse, €10, Tiger; solar-powered portable battery charger, €36.99, MobileFun; Tintamar handbag organiser, €29.99,

Social-mad mams

For mothers partial to a spot of online social networking, invite them to rejoin you in the real world with these gifts.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

Clockwise from left: Twitter-style mug, €14.49,; Fridgebook magnets, €15.95,; Facebook-style shower curtain, €17.99,; Facebook-style like and dislike stamps, €14.49,

Music-loving máthairs

The gift of music is always well-received and with the latest gadgets your mam can hear her favourite tunes, whether she’s in the shower, gone for a swim, keeping warm in the cold weather or laying her head down to sleep. For mammies with retro taste, you could opt for a record player that will also convert that vintage vinyl to MP3.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

Clockwise from left: splashproof smartphone speaker case, €17, Littlewoods Ireland; Duo Deck, €79.95, B Cool! The Gadget Store; knitted iMusic hat, €24.95, B Cool! The Gadget Store; iSwim waterproof smartphone case, €15, B Cool! The Gadget Store; iMusic pillow, €24.99,

Phoning it in

If your maternal figure is constantly glued to her smartphone, she might get a kick out of a fun and functional case, or accessories, like this vintage receiver. We also like these app magnets to turn any fridge into a home screen.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

Clockwise from top left: Game Boy-style iPhone cover, €9, Littlewoods Ireland; hard drive iPhone case, €14.49,; vintage phone receiver, €12.99,; App Magnets, €12.95,; bubblewrap iPhone case, €15, Littlewoods Ireland

Hands-on gifts

If you have a crafty mammy who likes to ‘hack things better’, she might have a million uses for a bag of Sugru. This self-setting rubber can be used to form and fix just about anything and, best of all, it’s an Irish-made product. Another crafty gift is this cross-stitch iPhone case from Littlewoods.

Of course, you can use either of these gifts above to craft your own unique pressie for your magnificent mammy, or you can pick yourself up a pack of Hama or Perler beads and make her some flowers, 8-bit style.

Mother's Day tech gift guide

From left: Sugru, from stg£6.99,; cross-stitch iPhone case, €4, Littlewoods Ireland; 8-bit Hama bead Mario flowers, discovered via Pinterest

Main gift image by fotohunter via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.