The week in gadgets

13 Feb 2012

The PlayStation Vita

A look at gadget happenings, as the PS Vita OS could be used for other mobile devices, the white MacBook is officially discontinued and the Microsoft India store is hacked.

Sony to integrate PS Vita OS to other mobile devices?

Sony’s next CEO Kazuo Hirai has suggested the company is looking into using the PlayStation Vita’s operating system for other mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The Verge reports that Hirai told reporters in Japan that the Vita OS could be seen as a mobile platform and not just one for gaming.

SCE’s senior vice-president Yoshio Matsumoto reportedly said it would be possible to expand the OS onto smartphones and tablets while catering for gaming needs. However, he emphasised that Sony was not applying it to other devices right now but noted it was designed to be expandable.

The PlayStation Vita will be released on 22 February.

Apple discontinues white MacBook

Apple has stopped offering its white MacBook range to educational institutes, meaning the product has officially been discontinued.

MacRumors reports that Apple has told resellers it has ended the distribution channel for the product, classifying it as “End of Life.”

Last year, Apple stopped selling the white MacBook to consumers, offering the MacBook Pro range and the MacBook Air range for its laptop offerings.

Microsoft India store hacked, passwords leaked

The Microsoft India online store, owned and operated by Quasar Media and not Microsoft, has been hacked and a list of user names and passwords for accounts has been released.

WPSauce reports that a Chinese hacker group called EvilShadow team has taken credit for the attack. The site reportedly kept passwords stored in plain text, helping the hackers gain easy access to them.

Quasar Media was “appointed by Microsoft to own, maintain and operate” the online store, according to its terms of use.

The store now carries a statement, saying it is unavailable. It says Microsoft is working to restore access to it as quickly as possible and it apologises for any inconvenience.

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