The week in gadgets

20 Dec 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Google asks hardware companies to delay showing off Google TV products?

Google may have asked hardware manufacturers not to show off its Google TV hardware at the Consumer Electronics Show this January.

According to the New York Times, while many companies are ready to announce televisions and remote controls for Google’s internet TV product, Google has asked them to hold off for now until they have the updated version complete.

Google already has a deal with Sony for the service, and companies like Samsung and Toshiba are close to unveiling their hardware for the product to the public.

The New York Times suggests that the software has received a “lukewarm reception,” spurring Google to make adjustments.

Wii sales would ‘explode’ if priced at $99 – EA CEO

Electronic Arts’ CEO John Riccitiello believes that if Nintendo dropped the price of the Wii to $99, the console would experience a huge boost in sales.

In an interview with IndustryGamers, Riccitiello said he believed that now that the Wii has competition from the PlayStation Move and the Kinect for the Xbox 360, Nintendo needs to drop its price to stay ahead of the pack.

He also said Nintendo needs to “promote third-party content better,” saying he believed that publishers found it frustrating that the games company did less to promote its products.

Santa’s Christmas Village (17-in-1) out on App store

And in festive news, Santa’s Christmas Village (17-in-1) is now out on the Apple App Store.

The previous version of the game was rated the No 1 “Best Santa Game” by iTunes in 2009 and this update brings 17 Christmas-themed games for iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices.

The app includes hand-drawn computer painted graphics, seasonal folk music and classic Christmas tunes.

Games in the app feature Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire, Snowman Math, Night Before Christmas and Reindeer Memory.

Several of the games include multiplayer capabilities and are suitable for all age groups.