Wearable tech: the new wave (infographic)

21 May 2012

Google X has revealed concepts for augmented reality glasses

From bionic contact lenses to self-cleaning fabrics, a new infographic outlines some of the coolest wearable tech its makers are hoping will become the next big things with consumers.

The infographic published by VoucherCodes.co.uk on Visual.ly begins with a look at wearing Google glasses (‘Project Glass‘), the internet search giant’s Android-based heads-up display (HUD) glasses that will have augmented reality capability and will stream information from the web to the glasses’ lenses.

Next up is more eyewear. Lumus is a pair of glasses that display an 87-inch screen onto the glass, Lorex Vue can record high-resolution video and stereo sound, and Vuzix Wrap 920AR contains cameras and a HUD for stereoscopic 3D and augmented reality capabilities.

Bionic contact lenses display information directly on the lens.

In terms of clothing, there is Fabrican Spray On Clothes, 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest, Underarmour E39 (a shirt that tracks biometrics), PPSS Cut Resistant Fabric, an Adidas miCoach Bra, and self-cleaning fabrics.

Wearable tech includes accessories, too. The Pebble E-Paper Watch can run apps and sync with the user’s iPhone or Android phone, the Nike+ Fuel Band tracks the number of steps a user makes and counts the number of calories burned, Jawbone Up tracks activity and sleep, and the Nokia Vibrating Tattoo (yes, you read that right) alerts users to calls, text messages and things like low battery power.

Most of this wearable tech is now available.

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Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic