Westport goes 3D

7 Jun 2007

Westport3D, an interactive 3D digital model of the Co Mayo town, has gone online.

Available at www,westport3D.com the model allows viewers to take a virtual tour of the town.

The company that produced it, AMT3D, has also produced an interactive CD-based offline model that is powered by computer games technology. The offline version features CAD (computer-aided design) models of two proposed developments in the town that can be inserted into the Westport3D digital model. Users can ‘enter’ the CAD models of the new buildings onto the map and look out on the surrounding 3D vista.

Westport town manager Peter Hynes commented; “The ability to switch between the town as it is now and the town as it could look following the proposed development is an extremely powerful design, planning and marketing tool and I’m proud to say unique to Westport.”

Westport3D is available to be viewed online via state-of-the-art streaming technology.

Brendan Hafferty, AMT3D’s managing director, announced that AMT3D interactive online city models were now able to be accessed directly from Google Earth, which aids 3D marketing of new developments, heritage towns and other major tourist locations such as Westport.

Computers must be ActiveX control enabled to viewed the Westport model online.

By Niall Byrne