29 Jul 2004

What is it?
An online tax renewal facility provided by the local authorities and the Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government.

Who is it for?
Owners of commercial and private vehicles who want to avoid the hassle of queuing up in person to renew their motor tax.

What features does it contain?
The main one is clearly the tax renewal process itself. This involves both online and offline elements. To renew your tax you will need a PIN number that appears on the tax renewal form posted out to all vehicle owners, as well as details of your vehicle and your insurance underwriter. With these to hand you can then progress through the six-step renewal process. The whole thing is very fast: it took me no more than five minutes to complete the transaction. The site also offers supporting information and documentation including a motor tax FAQ, motor tax rates and a selection of useful motoring forms. There is also a tax disc tracking facility, giving peace of mind to those who may be worried that their disc delivery has gone astray.

How does it look?
This site is something of a one-trick-pony so it’s not surprising that its centre section is devoted to the online renewal facility. The information here is presented clearly and concisely.

Best feature?
Being able to pay by Laser as well as by credit card.

The verdict?
Simple to use, with no hidden glitches. More importantly it works: my new tax disk dropped through the door two days later.

By Brian Skelly