YouTube wife’s video backfires in divorce case

23 Jul 2008

A Broadway theatre owner got his own unwelcome form of theatre in recent months when his angry wife lashed out at him in a video that received more than three million downloads on YouTube.

However, the video has failed to prevent a Manhattan judge granting a divorce and ruling that a prenuptial agreement signed weeks before the couple married in 1999 must be honoured.

Tricia Walsh Smith added to digital culture and folklore in her own enimical way when she filmed herself lashing out at her husband and making embarrassing claims about their personal life to a stunned assistant over the phone.

The video expressed her concern at being removed from her luxury apartment in New York and exasperation at the prenuptial agreement she signed.

Her husband, Philip Smith, is president of the Shubert Organisation, the largest theatre owner on Broadway.

Judge Harold Beeler decided that the prenuptial agreement the couple signed in 1999, three weeks before they married, was valid and that Tricia Walsh Smith must leave her Park Avenue apartment within 30 days.

Her soon-to-be ex-husband has been ordered to pay Walsh Smith US$750,000.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Tricia Walsh-Smith pictured with Stevie Wonder

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years