What will drive the future of innovation? (Infographic)

5 Apr 2016

Will robots be working alongside us in the relatively near future?

Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing are all terms that will be familiar to anyone who reads this website on a regular basis.

They are subjects we write about regularly, and with good reason, as this infographic shows, are they are the areas that are likely to drive the future of innovation.

Internet of things (IoT) is the buzzword of the moment, with sensors soon to be omnipresent throughout all our lives, with more data available about us all than ever before.

We are constantly hearing that the robots might take our jobs, while AI just keeps getting cleverer all the time.

Meanwhile, 3D printing is being used in all kinds of areas, even to create prosthetics, and much more.

Check out the below infographic for more information on what’s set to drive the new industrial revolution and the future of innovation. Click on the infographic to see a larger version.

The future of innovation


Robotic hand image via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.