Reshuffle at Iona results in more job cuts

19 May 2003

Iona’s new CEO, Chris Horn, has announced this afternoon further job cuts to help revive the company’s fortunes.

Horn plans to reduce Iona’s staff to just 400 at the end of the year, which means 50 more job cuts than the 170 announced in last month’s profit warning. Staff numbers in the company’s Dublin office will be reduced from 180 to 120.

A spokesman for Iona said the decision was taken as part of review of operations over the weekend by Horn, after the departure of previous chief executive Barry Morris on Thursday.

Iona founder Chris Horn has returned to the post of CEO as part of a senior management reshuffle at the middleware company. The move is aimed at strengthening the ailing firm, following the resignation last week of CEO Barry Morris and two other senior management figures.

Chris Horn, who established the company in 1991 as part of a research project at Trinity College Dublin’s Distributed Systems Group, stepped down as CEO in 2000 and his return to the role takes place with immediate effect. Until recently he was chairman of Iona Technologies.

Iona will be a leaner and more flexible organisation after the revamp, according to the spokesman.