Weekend takeaway: Robots, lasers and other cool stuff

17 Aug 2018

Image: Besjunior/Shutterstock

Essential sci-tech reading for the weekend including robots, lasers, deep learning and finding the fastest-growing companies in tech.

Scientists find the only answer to laser chaos is quantum chaos

Abstract scene of red, yellow and orange lights chaotically travelling in every direction.

Image: VladGavriloff/Shutterstock

In an effort to make ultra-powerful, stable lasers, an international research team has brought ‘quantum chaos’ into the mix.

Has the cryptocurrency gold rush come to an end? Nvidia thinks so

Close-up of a Nvidia Geforce graphic chip, which are used to mine cryptocurrency.

Nvidia graphics chip. Image: B Zhorov/Shutterstock

Nvidia says the demand for its graphics chips from cryptocurrency miners has plummeted.

Unrest at Google as employees protest Chinese search engine project

A row of bicycles at the Google offices, painted in red, blue, green and yellow.

Google bicycles at its Mountain View office in California. Image: Dreamframer/Shutterstock

Hundreds of Google staff are upset at the company’s alleged decision to create a censored version of its search engine for the Chinese market.

Intel plans a big future for deep learning on every platform

object recognition of vehicles and people using deep learning.

Image: Buffaloboy/Shutterstock

In acquiring Vertex.AI for its Movidius unit, Intel is envisioning a tomorrow where deep learning will feature in many aspects of business.

Are you one of the fastest-growing tech firms in Ireland?

Two men and three women with one of the men standing.

From left: Susan Nolan, LearnUpon; Deirdre Halligan, XSellco; David Shanahan, Deloitte; Majella Mungovan, Facebook; and Stephen O’Riordan, eShopWorld. Image: Jason Clarke

If you are behind a fast-growing tech firm in Ireland, then the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 50 Awards want you!

Google clarifies its location tracking help page for confused users

Google Maps open on a mobile device, displaying a map of New York City.

Google Maps on mobile device. Image: Piotr Swat/Shutterstock

While Google hasn’t changed how its location tracking works, it has edited a help page explaining the system.

New super-battery that doesn’t catch fire described as a ‘paradigm shift’

A red cable and a blue cable connected to a yellow lithium battery block used for electric vehicles.

Image: Fishman64/Shutterstock

The latest rechargeable battery technology could drastically improve the capabilities of mobile phones and electric vehicles.

7 HR companies making a difference in the world of work

Wooden figurines standing in grass, holding hands symbolising HR companies working together to make the world better.

Image: A and I Kruk/Shutterstock

There’s a lot we need to improve about the working world. Luckily, there are plenty of companies trying to make a difference.

Children are more easily influenced by robots than humans, study finds

A child lying on the floor staring with interest at a toy robot.

Image: Ulza/Shutterstock

A study comparing how adults and children respond to tasks set by robots showed the incredible power of technology over young people.

Ireland’s 250,000th dot-IE address has been registered

Wooden blocks with characters dot i and e.

Image: StockPhotosLV/Shutterstock

The Wicklow Street Clinic brings the dot-IE website number to 250,000.