Apple tablet unveiled: named iPad

27 Jan 2010

Amid frenzied excitement, the Apple event in San Francsico kicks off and the tablet device is revealed as the iPad, a handheld computing device that works with the iTunes Store built in much like the iPhone.

Resembling a giant iPhone it is being described by Apple as “so much more intimate than a laptop” but with much more computing power than a smart phone.

As predicted by some camps, the iPad doesn’t have Flash capability but has a powerful mobile version of the Safari web browser.

Future Human

Lookswise, the iPad has a brushed aluminium background and a home button on the front that looks the same as the one on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The iPad’s specs include a 1Ghz Apple custom chip according to Crunchgear and has 16GB flash storage plus battery life of 10 hours but there’s no sign of the built-in camera as claimed by Jason Calacanis on Twitter.

By Marie Boran

This story has since been updated – our detailed description of the new iPad.

Photo: Apple’s brand new iPad