Barack Obama joins Foursquare

16 Aug 2011

US President Barack Obama is now on location check-in service Foursquare, which he will use to tell the public which areas he visited and what he did there.

The new official White House page on Foursquare will let people see areas Obama and administration officials have visited, along with keeping up with news and events by location.

The White House blog said Obama will use this as he goes on his economic bus tour across the midwest of the US. During this tour, he will travel to areas such as Minnesota and Iowa to see how the economy is impacting individual communities.

People can also check into the same locations Obama will visit on his tour.

Obama is no stranger to social networking, as seen in his last presidential campaign. He has more than 22m Facebook followers, more than 9.6m Twitter followers and 209,000 YouTube subscribers.

He recently kicked off his social media strategy for his 2012 presidential re-election campaign, which includes more social networking integration and encourages more feedback from the public.