BBC Worldwide digital entertainment chief to lead ITLG panel in Hollywood

20 Sep 2012

The scene at last year's ITLG Innovation in Hollywood event with key executives from Bloomberg, Silicon Valley, Warner Bros, HBO, Rovi Corporation and the BBC

A stellar cast of some of the leading digital entertainment professionals in the world will join the panel at the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG)’s Innovation in Entertainment event at Sony Pictures, led by Robert Nashak, executive vice-president for digital entertainment and games at BBC Worldwide.

Moderated by Nashak, the panel will consist of Dylan Collins, chairman of Fight My Monster; Nanea Reeves, chief operating officer of Machinima, Gerard Johnston of HCL and Laird Malamed, chief operating officer of Activision.

The topic that will be broached by the panel will be ‘Who’s in Control – The Creators or the Consumers?’

“This year’s panel form a powerhouse of industry knowledge and experience and will provide vision and leadership in the determination of the answers to these important questions which will shape the future direction of the entertainment industry,” said John Hartnett, president and founder ITLG.

Attending the event at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood will be executives from all across the industry, including Microsoft, HBO, Disney, Google, Enterprise Ireland, Irish Film Board, Invest Northern Ireland, 20th Century Fox, Sony Corporation, LA Galaxy, Bloomberg, Brown Bag Films, Lucasfilm, Macrovision and Adobe.

Also at the event will be the creative minds behind shows like Sesame Street, The Voice, Avatar, Riverdance and Ciaran Gribbin, lead singer with INXS.

The Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) will be hosting its annual Innovation in Entertainment event on 27 September at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood. Executives in attendance represent some of the world’s leading entertainment companies, including HBO, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Sony and DreamWorks.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years